Last Updated on: 3rd June 2023, 10:01 am

The world is going towards technological advancement over time. Each year a new technological invention can be seen. There was a time when robots were known to help make human tasks easy. But now robots are becoming so advanced due to having Artificial intelligence in them. By using statistical data computers can now learn to improve different work processes.

These computers have AI learning which recognizes patterns adapts, and changes to the circumstances accordingly. This has impacted humans in every way. Books are replaced by e-books like specially designed tablets for reading and stores are replaced by online markets. These computers are also playing a huge and vital role during the pandemic of COVID-19. As computers are outperforming humans in many areas, they have endangered many prominent places in the jobs sector. The advancements in robots and AI technologies have brought advantages and disadvantages to humankind.

Can Computers replace human beings?

A Detailed Study

Advantages of AI Computers:

Computers and technology have enabled us, humans, to do tons of things in just a matter of a few clicks. Earlier access to information was not easy but now you can access it anytime anywhere. These AI computers have a great ability to predict things based on the available past datasets. AI computers and robots have proved that they can outperform humans in doing tasks by being cost-effective and having fast speeds. Let’s discuss a few ways in which computers have helped humans:

Economic Growth at a Remarkable Rate:

In certain job sectors like car industries, and railway stations, hiring people would cost a lot more than having robots to do the work. The performance and product they get from humans might also be lackluster and have errors. These AI computers have mostly replaced humans in those sectors and within one or two decades they will be completely replaced by robots. These bots can work more than humans with high efficiency without taking a break while being cost-effective. This highly contributes to a country’s economy. The more amount of work is obtained at less cost the more it will benefit the economy. Manufacturers don’t need to hire an extra bunch of employees and pay them. For example, in the automobile industry, 90% of the manufacturing process is carried out by computers and robots.

Great Benefits in Healthcare:

These robots are also performing well in the healthcare industry. These AI robots are doing so well in the radiology department. AI robots can easily diagnose any form of cancer in humans. They can prove to be great assistants to nurses and doctors creating a highly productive environment. AI also has proven to be good in diagnosing early symptoms of any dangerous disease.

As AI has taken over many workplaces, with time it will take over more sectors and industries. The ease created by this technology would let people acquire other productive skills while lowering the burden of tough tasks on humans. Now humans can focus on progressing effectively researching and studying new things while making the world a better place. They will have more spare time to focus on cultures, research, exploration, and even taking care of nature.

Disadvantages of AI Computers

This technology though has created many advantages but on the other hand, it has also negatively affected human life greatly. The implementation of computers everywhere is also making humans less active. Many jobs are taken over by artificial intelligence causing unemployment. The majority of humans employed and working in sectors like telemarketing, transportation, order deliveries, and radiology will become of less economic worth. Let’s study how computers negatively affect human life:

Computers are Making Humans Lazy:

Many tasks that were performed by humans while keeping them active both mentally and physically are now carried out by computers. Tasks like cleaning, cooking food, calculating numbers, and analyzing data are all done by computers these days. This results in humans putting in no effort which causes them to have less physical and mental strength.

No Job Security:

These robots have already endangered many jobs with each passing year. With robots replacing the human work field there is a significant decrease in specific jobs. The increase in the use of AI technologies is beneficial to the business however the common jobs man is losing his job. This increase in unemployment has led to no future job security. Professionals in the fields of telemarketing, automobile manufacturing, steel mills, bookkeeping, and radiology are some most notable sectors that are facing unemployment due to computers. Self-driving cars are also around the corner hence compromising the job security of professional drivers.

Possible Computer Errors:

Computers run on hardware and software both developed by humans. Being developed by humans there is always a probability of error in them. This means there is a potential for any possible error in AI-programmed machines. An error or disturbance in the hardware or the software of the computer can affect its productivity. Debugging the program or repairing can also take a significant amount of time.

What the Future Holds for Humans In this Computer Era?

Computers have changed human life by leaps and bounds and they will continue to do. It is predicted that by the end of 2040 things will be changed completely and AI computers will be present, working full-time non-stop in more places in our world by replacing humans. Computers might have taken over many jobs and may perform very well.

But still, computers and AI can’t be that efficient, as human brains are more capable and powerful than computers. Computers are bound to follow the code of the program they are running while humans have a conscience that they can use for many problem-solving situations.

Positions which cannot be filled by Computers:

Now we’ll take you through the jobs which have had no impact from computer takeover.

1. In the field of psychology where a psychologist needs to have empathy and an emotional connection to talk with their patients for mental treatment. Here computers can’t compete with humans.

2. Computer specialists have seen an all-time high in career growth as computers can’t fix themselves. These electronic circuits are made by humans, so they are the only ones that can fix that.

3. Planning an event requires humanized creative intelligence. Negotiation and arrangements of an event can only be managed by humans.

All those tasks which involve creative thinking, empathy, critical thinking, and adaptability will not be affected. These are termed as Non-Routine tasks and researchers do believe that these tasks and jobs will see a rise.


In the coming times, computers and robots may take over the tasks that are currently performed by humans. Although they are fast and cost-effective, they will still always have a limitation of emotional intelligence. They will lack the ability of humans to perform in certain situations smartly and take up new challenges. Tasks and jobs which involve human interaction will grow and people will adopt and learn those tasks.

On the other hand, many people will also look into different aspects and will explore, innovate, and may contribute to making the world a better place. Computers in the long-term will be used as a tool for assisting human beings to create a highly productive environment.