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Are you facing Issues with Your Tablet? Is it not turning on properly or something else? If that’s the case Then You Should know How to Fix It When a Tablet Won’t Turn On, to avoid unnecessary stress.

You might feel a little lost if your tablet is not working properly. After all, you depend on these gadgets to keep you engaged and connected. I’ve dealt with similar situations a lot, so I understand how stressful the current scenario can be.

And the worst part is, sometimes even after knowing the solutions, it might possible that your tablet won’t turn on no matter how many times you try to power it on. The device is malfunctioning in some way, either by being stuck on the home screen or by refusing to power on at all.

So, I’ve come up with the best tips and solutions you can try when your tablet isn’t running properly. You can recover your tablet by following any of the below-given methods.

Reason Why Your Tablet Is Not Turning On:

Reason Why Your Tablet Is Not Turning On

Let’s start by looking at some of the reasons why your tablet won’t turn on. Before you can figure out how to fix a problem, you need to know why it’s happening. This problem could have a lot of causes, but here are the most common types:

Due to Charging Issue

It’s possible that your tablet isn’t turning on because it isn’t receiving enough power. The battery can be fully dead or it might just require a fast charge to function once again.

Hardware has been damaged

It’s possible that your tablet won’t turn on because its hardware has been damaged. Maybe you were careless with it and it fell, or maybe someone swapped out the battery for a fake one. If you have tried the charger and your tablet still won’t switch on, it’s possible that the hardware is broken.

Before you can tell if your hardware is broken, you’ll need to take it apart and look at each part. If any of them look broken or melted, that’s probably a sign that something went wrong.

Due to Latest Update

Even after installing a new update, this issue may arise. You might have to wait a while for it to be fixed. Incomplete updates can occasionally prevent your tablet from starting up properly.

Many POCO users recently experienced this issue; after updating to the new version, their phones were not turning on. I personally experienced this problem. (In this case, you must return your phone to the manufacturer because only they can fix the problem.)

Use of a faulty memory card

A defective memory card is the most typical culprit. The information on your memory card won’t be accessible to your tablet if it is corrupt or has lost its data. This can create a variety of issues with your device, ranging from it not starting up properly to difficulties when you try to open specific applications.

Due to Malfunctioning Software

Your tablet’s inability to power on could also be caused by a software problem. If you try to install a new ROM or a third-party application from a dubious app store. Without the proper knowledge, you risk ruining your phone in such a situation.

Due to Excessive Heat

If you can’t stand to let your tablet sit idle for at least a few hours, or if you continue using it while it’s charging. Your Tablet may have shut down at that point from the extreme heat. Put down the phone until it cools off, and then use it again.

How to Fix It When a Tablet Won’t Turn On? 5 Solutions to Try On:

Now we have come to the main topic of the blog i.e: how to fix an android tablet not turning on. I’ll provide you guys with the top six solutions to this problem. Try each one separately because any of them might be effective for you:

Utilizing Safe Mode:

You may be experiencing this difficulty because you have installed malicious third-party apps from an unofficial app store(as discussed in reasons).
You can prevent certain apps from working and get some insight into your Tablet’s issues by switching to Safe Mode. As an added bonus, it enhances performance and corrects problems by reducing the number of background processes.

If you believe that an app contains malware, you can activate Safe Mode and remove it.

Charge your tablet properly

To operate correctly, your tablet has to be charged. Before attempting to switch on your tablet, try charging it for at least an hour. Try charging your tablet for a full day if you’re still having trouble getting it to switch on.

If you’re unsure if your tablet is fully charged, try plugging it into another outlet or power source. Issues with charging can occasionally be brought on by plugs and power sources.

If your tablet won’t turn on even after being fully charged, the problem may be caused by something else.

Do a “Power Cycle.”

One way to fix an Android phone that won’t turn on is to do a power cycle. Older gadgets only require removing the battery with a detachable one, waiting a short while, and then reconnecting it.

Modern smartphones with non-removable batteries just require a few seconds of pressing and holding the power button. Some manufacturers recommend holding it down for 10 seconds, while others recommend holding it for 30 seconds.

From Recovery Mode, you can do a factory reset:

While launching, the Android OS may unexpectedly crash or freeze, rendering your phone or tablet unusable.

By doing a factory reset from the Device’s recovery mode menu, you can resolve the issue. If your device is frozen during boot or you’re suffering other severe issues, you can restore it to factory settings from recovery mode.

Holding down a number of buttons will cause your mobile device to shut down and then restart. Your device will tell you which buttons you need to press. To learn which buttons to press to enter recovery mode, look up the make and model of your device on Google.

Troubleshoot with PC

Using your pc to investigate the issue if your tablet won’t switch on is one option you can try. This can be done by connecting your tablet and PC with a USB cable. Once connected, look for any possible error messages. If you see any error warnings, you can try to resolve them according to the given guidelines.

You can try turning your tablet back on. If that doesn’t work, you can try putting it back in the factory settings.

Also, after Connecting your tablet to the computer head to the Control Panel > Device Manager. If your computer can see your tablet, you should be able to see it in the device list. If it doesn’t work, the tablet’s USB port or the tablet itself might be broken.


FAQS - How to Fix It When a Tablet Won’t Turn On

Why Is My Tablet Screen Black?

The installation of one or more incompatible apps causes the screen to go black and the apps to fail repeatedly.

Is It OK To Use A Tablet While Charging?

Yes, in particular, but it’s not a good idea. As long as the tablet/phone does not overheat, you can use it while it is charging. But again, it would be better if you leave the phone idle while charging, but if you have some important work, you can use it.

How To Fix Your Tablet When It Won’t Charge?

If you can’t get your tablet to charge, you can try a few different things. First, check that the cable is plugged in correctly. Check that the plug is securely connected and placed all the way into the device’s socket.

You might need to buy a new battery or charging wire if it doesn’t work after that. Lastly, if none of this work, you may have a problem with your motherboard or the software that runs the whole system.

In this case, it’s likely that you’ll need to take your device to a professional repair shop so it can be checked out.

Final Words:

Whether the issue is a simple one or something more complicated, you can solve it by following the steps in this article. We hope you find this information helpful, and if you do, please share it with others!

Thank you for reading; it makes us happy to know that a post of ours might be of help on a subject like this.