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The tablet has brought a significant change in consumers’ routine life and buying the best of the best tablets under 400 is now at their fingertips. Before that people were thinking about something extraordinary and efficient under budget technological gadgets that can help them to reduce their workload. People were trying different ways to overcome this hectic situation. They were looking for something unique that can help them while traveling, dating, partying, capturing their best moments, and much more. They found some relaxation when the laptop was introduced but this was not the solution to their problem.

They were looking for something portable having a big screen where they can compress the whole world. Laptops are portable too but the only problem was their weight. They were happy with this induction but only to their offices or a designated space at home for their routine work. Then the tablet was introduced to the market. People started loving it. It was a lightweight portable device that was fulfilling their desire.

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Well with this induction the desire for something extraordinary best budget android tablet they were willing to pay for was still the topic. Tech companies introduced lots of variant products to meet customer demands. Some products were introduced with a high-quality screen, some with high-end processors, and some with high-storage internal memory. Today you can find tons of products and picking the best one from that pool is still time-consuming and can lead to a waste of money. Don’t worry about that because we have picked some of the best tablets from that pool and we are sure you will love it.

Under $400 Tablets – At A Glance


FIRE HD 8 Tablet
Editor’s Choice
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
Capacity: 64GB/4GB
Processor: Octa-core (2×2.0 GHz + 6×1.7 GHz)
OS: Android
Battery life: 15 Hours
Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet
Amazon’s Choice
Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet Capacity: 32GB/2GB
Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core
OS: Android 9 Pie
Battery life: 12 Hours
Samsung Tab A7 Lite
Samsung Tab A7 Lite Capacity: 32GB/2GB
Processor: 2.3 GHz, 1.8 GHz
OS: Android 11
Battery life: 15 Hours

Buying Guide

What to Expect from The Best Tablets Under $400?

When it comes to expectations people try different forums to find the best of the best. We believe that customers always have different tastes in buying approaches but one thing in common is the best of the best cheap tablet for less investment. Here we have also kept this thing in mind and selected one of the best tablets in this saturated market. You will find some with high resolutions, some with high CPU, some with high RAM, and some with high battery backup. Some of them are having a digital pencil which adds up a distinctive feature to your daily workload. Find out more in the list of best tablets under 400.

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RAM is the key to high performance. You will find some of the tablets with high-quality and high-capacity RAM which is the key component of your tablet. Now it totally depends upon you how complex is your workload and which capability you want to avail yourself of. Here we have selected 5 different tablets keeping the customer’s needs and demands. These tablets are launched with 2GB, 3GB, and 4GB for device performance. Now it is you who will decide which one to pick to fulfill your desire. The higher you go will change the price but will increase the performance as well.


If RAM is the key to high performance then it requires a good combination with a processor. Once again it depends on your requirements and workload. If you want a tablet that can perform progressively and amazingly then go for the top-end processor with RAM. This will increase your device’s performance. Here we have picked the tablets with high-end processors and these tablets are loaded with Snapdragon 670 chipset, A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit Architecture and PowerVR Series six-core GPU, 2.0GHz, Dual arm Cortex-A72 with Quad Cortex-A53, 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-­core, octa-­‐core, A10 Fusion chip, A12 Bionic chip and so on.

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Internal Storage

As for high performance, RAM and CPU are the key factors which you have to keep in mind while buying a tablet, you cannot ignore the internal storage. You should choose a tablet that must have a good onboard memory backup. It is why because the more you have on-board space, the more will be your device performance. To keep this in mind, we have picked these budget tablets with 32GB and 64GB of internal space which can be extendable up to your requirements with a micro SD card.


When you are investing your valuable money in a tablet then you have to keep one thing in mind without a decent battery backup you cannot increase your device performance. It is important to have a decent backup because you cannot tie yourself to a charging socket. Here we picked tablets with different battery backups that can last around 9 hours to 6 weeks when fully charged on normal use.

Display size

When we are discussing tablets then it is for sure it will be having a widescreen with good resolutions and bright picture quality. Well, you will find big-screen tablets in the market but which one to choose will still be a million-dollar question. Don’t worry it’s not a problem you will find some top-notch budgeted tablets in our list.

We have picked some of the gems from the pool after complete research to keep customers’ pocket weight and interest in mind. Here you will find tablets with display sizes starting from 7.9″ to 10.5″. Some are having high PPIs where you can hard to find pixels even when you zoom in on a picture.


How We Reviewed The Best Tablets Under 400

Here are the top 5 best tablets under 400 dollars and these tablets are our best pick from the big fish market.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e – (Most Powerful)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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Display size: 10.5″ Super AMOLED display | Processor: Octa-core (2×2.0 GHz + 6×1.7 GHz) | Ram: 4 GB | Storage: 64 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 13 MP & 8 MP | Operating System: Android | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 15 Hours | Weight: 0.88 lbs. |

If you are looking for a power-packed, super-fast portable Android tablet then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e has all these features. A compact lightweight magnificent Android tablet comes with a big bright screen that enriches every type of color for which Samsung is known for. Bixby assistant smartly connects your device to your smart products.

It can adjust your home lights, it can control the TV, smart doors lock, and can even adjust the thermostat you can smartly get the details when you connect your security cameras and if anything odd happens you will get a security camera alert on your device. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e holds a strong position for its durability and power features. That is why it comes at the top of the list of best tablets for under 400.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e comes with a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED wide display which helps you to enjoy your favorite games and programs. It is powered by a Snapdragon 670 chipset strong processor that can boost your high-end activities with ease. A 4GB of RAM is loaded to make a strong combination with the processor to give a boost to the device. It has a huge 128GB of internal memory (expandable with a microSD card).

It has a 13MP rear camera to capture your best moments along with an 8MP front camera for a clear and amazing selfie. It comes with a Dex support feature. Samsung is claiming that its battery can last for almost 15 hours. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is your go-to tablet and has covered up everything you are looking for. It’s a machine, not a simple device. Isn’t it?

What We Like

HD display.

Simple user interface

DeX support

Durable design

Long Lasting Battery

What We Don’t Like

No audio jack

No HDR support

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2. Apple iPad Pro – (Best Value)

Apple iPad Pro

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Display size: 10.5″ Super AMOLED display | Processor: A9X chip | Ram: 2 GB | Storage: 128 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 12 MP & 1.2 MP | Operating System: IOS | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 10 Hours | Weight: 0.96 lbs. |

Apple is a brand name that no one in the world of technology would be unfamiliar with it. And we feel relieved in bringing our next best tablet under 400 right from Apple iPad Pro with ample internal storage of 128GB to store much of your needed data. The bright and widescreen to the size of 9.7 inches Retina display along with a multi-touch screen coated into a scratch-resistant glass and the 2048 x 1536 screen resolutions allow you to view everything as bright and through their true colors.

Works with WiFi and comes unlocked by default to enjoy receiving calls and enjoying your favorite seasons by connecting it to your WiFi network. It is fitted with a robust chipset from Apple that is an A9X chip with 64-bit architecture and an M9 coprocessor to make sure you do not hit any sluggish when using the Apple iPad Pro tablet at its maximum. Having built the camera gains the 12MP iSight Camera with True Tone Flash along with Panorama (up to 63MP) to snap the ultra-HD and detailed images with autofocus along with the front-facing camera to the mere power of 1.2 megapixels to detect the face.

With the enhanced connectivity of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EDR, USB, A2DP, and GPS enjoy using your most-favorite gadgets by connecting to the Apple iPad Pro tab. Colored in Space Gray and has Apple iOS 9 and a long-lasting battery to use the tablet for good 10 hours to enjoy every single feature of the Apple iPad Pro tablet.

What We Like

High-classed and bright multi-touch 9.7 inches screen

Loaded with the latest iOS v9

Excellent battery time to hit up to 10 hours

What We Don’t Like

Just an average front-facing camera

Comes with no charger, so buy your own


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3. Asus Chromebook – (Best Tablet For Students)

Asus Chromebook

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Display size: 9.7 ” Qxga Touchscreen | Processor: OP1 Hexa-core Processor | Ram: 4 GB | Storage: 32 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 5 MP & 2 MP | Operating System: Chrome OS | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 9 Hours | Weight: 1.2 lbs. |

If you are looking for something that can work smarter & more productively then you should go for Asus Chromebook which is one of the best tablets for under 400 dollars. It is powered with vigorous built-in security and it updates automatically. It comes with tons of apps and with a list of Chrome extensions. It provides a learning platform and enhances your creativity. It has a solid design as its four exterior edges and corners are protected by a tough rubber bumper, which keeps it safe from any sort of physical shock and ensures critical component’s safety.

It has a snaggy surfaced tablet that keeps it safe from slipping out of hands. It comes with a 9.7 inches Qxga touchscreen display along with an OP1 Hexa-Core Dual arm Cortex-A72, Quad Cortex-A53 processor.

It is powered with 4GB of RAM and 32GB eMMC which is made for K-12 education. It comes with a chrome OS and it Includes a stylus. It shows the speed of USB 3.0, 3.1 (Gen 1 and 2), and/or Type-C which varies, depending upon many factors whether It can be the processing speed of the host device or file attributes or it can be any other factor related to system configuration or your operating environment.

What We Like

Fantastic screen

Stylus quite responsive

Seamless integration with Google ecosystem

What We Don’t Like

Poor speakers

O/S just not quite geared


4 Samsung Galaxy Tab A – (Best Display)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Display size: 10.1 inches Super AMOLED Display | Processor: 1.8 GHz Cortex Exynos 7904A Eight-Core | Ram: 3 GB | Storage: 128 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 5 MP | Operating System: Chrome OS | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 13 Hours | Weight: 1.03 lbs. |

The Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ is the tablet you’ll need to get hold of it. With its wide, vivid, bright screen you will feel like a home theater. It can do a lot for you simultaneously, from Multi-tasking to watching films and movies and from tuning in to your favorite music playlist or surfing on the web, it will never disappoint you. You can approach Google Assistant to help you out with any activity you want to do it again. The Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ still holds the position in the list of best tablets under 400 because of its amazing features.

It comes with a 10.1 inches SuperAMOLED display with 1920 x 1200 screen resolution. It is powered with a strong 1.8 GHz Cortex Exynos 7904A Eight-Core Processor, BMali-G71 MP2 Graphics coprocessor, and 3GB of RAM turning this device to perform extreme activities like playing high graphic games and go for seamless multi-tasking. It is integrated with 128GB of internal memory which is sufficient to keep your favorite stuff. It comes with a 5MP front camera that helps you to capture your best and most colorful selfies and 8MP back camera will help you to record bright, clear, and high-quality movies or pictures of your best moments.

It runs the Android 9 Pie operating system which increases its productivity and entertainment. You can download the best apps for free, the best games from the play store, watch movies on Netflix, enjoy music online, and read full-length books online for free from Google Play. To stand upright and keeps you connected all day long, it is integrated with a strong muscular power battery that can last for 13 hours. Last but not the least, you will get Tigology Case free on this purchase.

What We Like

Big, sharp 10.1″ HD display

Speakers with Dolby Atmos support

Good grip thanks to soft rubber back

Long Lasting Battery

What We Don’t Like

Some minor system lag



5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – (Best Lightweight Tablet)

Samsung Tab A7 Lite

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Display size: 9.7” 2048×1536 (QXGA) Super AMOLED | Processor: Quad 1.9GHz + Quad 1.3GHz | Ram: 3 GB | Storage: 32 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 2.1 MP | Operating System: Android 5.1 (Lollipop) | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 13 Hours | Weight: 0.85 lbs. |

If you are looking for a device that should be ultra-fast, up to the mark, and have efficient performance then this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will assist you. It will always connect you to your digital world wherever you go. Because of its crisp and clear Super AMOLED display, it will bring your photos and movies to life, thanks to adaptive display technology. Its expandable memory adds up more fun to your favorite content or programs without running out of storage space and this is the most required part for your stuff.

This device is as strong as you can imagine. It easily allows you to connect and share between all your Samsung devices than a user has ever seamlessly experienced. You can enjoy your favorite programs and seasons in rich color because of its 9.7″ vibrant Super AMOLED display and a powerful Quad 1.9GHz + Quad 1.3GHz, Octacore application processor gives you the speed with the extraordinary performance you will admire it.

For extreme multitasking capability, It comes with 3GB of RAM, and to provide you an extra bit of space, it holds 32GB of internal memory (extendable up to 128GB). It is loaded with an 8MP back camera with an Auto Focus feature that allows you to capture every single spot that exists. and a 2.1MP front camera helps you to take the best and high-quality snaps. Its screen quality will amaze you when you are on a video chat with your friends. Its battery lasts for almost 13 Hrs. and on video plays for up to 12 Hrs.

What We Like

Easily stream content to and from Samsung TVs.

Thin and light.

Swift octacore performance.

Bright and colorful AMOLED display.

What We Don’t Like

Imagery can be excellent, but sometimes muddy.

Below average battery life



Best Tablets Under 400



Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tablets Replace Laptops?

Can tablets replace laptops? The short answer is no. Tablets are incredibly convenient and perfectly suited for media consumption and travel, but they simply cannot replace the power and productivity of a laptop.

Laptops are still the most popular option for anyone looking for a complete computer. They’re perfect for tasks like writing papers, editing photos and videos, doing research, and working with documents. Tablets are great for casual computing, entertainment, and staying connected while on the go, but they just don’t have the same processing power or storage capacity as a laptop.

If you’re trying to decide between a tablet and a laptop, consider what you’ll primarily be using the device for. A laptop is the finest choice if you require a computer for school or work. But if you just want something to browse the web, watch movies, and stay connected with friends and family, a tablet might be a perfect choice.

Can You Use A Printer With A Tablet?

If you’re looking for a tablet that can do it all, you’ll want to make sure it has a printer. Many Android tablets support mobile printing with no need for third-party apps. If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled printer, your Android tablet can detect it and connect to it automatically. To find out if your printer is Wi-Fi enabled, check the documentation that came with it or visit the manufacturer’s website.

Once you’ve confirmed that your printer is Wi-Fi enabled, open the Settings app on your Android tablet and tap “Wi-Fi.” Next, tap the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen and select “Add network.” If your printer is not Wi-Fi enabled, you can still use it with your Android tablet by connecting it to a computer that is connected to the Internet. To do this, you’ll need to install a third-party app like PrinterShare.

Do Android Tablets Have A Future?

Android tablets have unquestionably gained in popularity in recent years. Many people see them as a great alternative to traditional laptops, and they offer a number of advantages over their competitors. Android tablets’ low cost is one of the most appealing aspects of them. You can find the best tablets under $400, whereas you would be hard-pressed to find a laptop with similar specs for the same price.

This is an excellent reason why they are a fantastic choice for penny-conscious buyers. Android tablets also have more options for applications and functions. Because they use the Android operating system, they have access to the Google Play Store. They also typically come with a number of features that are not available on iOS devices, such as the ability to use a USB port to connect to external devices.

Can You Use A Normal SIM Card In A Tablet?

Yes, you can use a regular SIM card on a tablet. You can make this work with an adaptor, which is available from most electronics shops. If you are using a GSM tablet, then you will need a SIM card that is compatible with the device. Tablets work with any SIM card, as long as it provides the necessary data connection. Before using a SIM card on your tablet, you should check with your service provider to see if there are any special requirements or charges that may apply.


Well, the conclusion is, in all of the above picks you will find that all of them are the best budget tablets with the most amazing features. You will get all those features you are looking for. You can draw, make sketches, write, read, take notes and draw charts, adds color to pictures, and so on with a digital pencil. If you are planning to buy a fast, responsive, and durable tablet then read all my reviews for each tablet thoroughly to find the best out of it.