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Ask what best tablets for toddlers you can have, then some would stare at you with a strange look. The tablets specifically for the toddlers may feel awful to have because that is considered to be almost impossible to hand the toddlers the tablets.

But wait, these tablets just for toddlers are not the typical and traditional, big-sized tablets that we usually use. The tablets are specially crafted and designed for toddlers to keep them entertained and engaged during the day.

For the kids having classified under the age of 1 to 4 years is considered to be the legalized age bracket to call a kid, a toddler, so they are not small enough in the period with having their bodies still getting developed. And a toddler is all sane and is passing through the phase of life to question the existence of everything they find around themselves.

As the technology is evolving the habits of everyone, let’s load the tablets for toddlers that are good to replace the colorful picture books.

But wait for our recommendation… or advice.

The toddlers do not need to own a Samsung Galaxy Note or the Apple iPad because why should they? And what we mean by that, is how come they are going to utilize the bunch of installed applications on their own when they do not need to know (or get known) the purpose of the feature-rich tablets available in the market.

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The toddlers are the kids that are in their learning and adaptive phase of life, and for that, the specific and best tablets for toddlers would do the wonder.

Right that we found the toddler-suitable tablets that are just designed for the toddlers. So, do not opt for the standard tablets and fiddle with the functionalities to make it possible to use by the toddlers, and then attend to your stuff in the middle of your little kid enjoying and playing their favorite games and application. They cannot afford a pause in usage.

Top 5 Best Tablets For Toddlers – At A Glance

  • 1. UJoyFeel Red Rose
  • 2. UjoyFeel Green
  • 3. LeapFrog
  • 4. Boxiki Kids
  • 5. Toddlers Education Tablet

    FIRE HD 8 Tablet
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    Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet
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    Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Android 9 Pie Battery life: 12 Hours

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    Samsung Tab A7 Lite
    Samsung Tab A7 Lite Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.3 GHz, 1.8 GHz OS: Android 11 Battery life: 12 Hours

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    What should you look for before deciding to own any of the tablet for toddlers?

    let’s take an in-depth look over what the tablets for toddlers should get.

    For a glance at the best tablets for toddlers, we need the following:

    ● Screen size & resolution

    ● Applications

    ● Protective case

    ● Internet access with parental control

    ● Easy navigation

    ● Technical specifications

    Screen Size And Resolution

    The typical screen size for the standard tablets falls under 7 inches to 10 inches. As the screen sizes are directly and proportionately impacts on the cost of such tablets. The higher the screen size, the higher it would add to the price. And the lesser screen size, it would get ready to make it glued into your toddlers’ hands with ease.


    Good to see some predefined and preloaded kids-ready applications are installed by default as per the possible taste of the toddlers. But for connecting the external and separate applications using the dedicated Google Play Store where you can conveniently download anything off of the internet.

    Protective case

    Did something particular hit your mind? Yeah, something that is responsible and cares about the safety of your toddler’s tablets to reduce the chances of breaking and dropping right on the floor because the toddlers may mistakenly drop the tablets.

    Transport the tablet anywhere you go, and these protective cases are suitable for bearing the shocks and bumps with keeping the tablet in stress and receiving the scratches with rough usage.

    Internet access with parental control

    The latest available smartphones are right to be used just like the standard and conventional tablets that may give a sophisticated and weird look on their face.

    So, you just do not need the toddlers-ready tablets loaded with the parental control to take charge of the complete tablet to straighten up the usage the way the parents require.

    Easy navigation

    All toddler’s tablets come with the fact that almost all of the stuff it got embedded on the front screen to achieve the best and the more comfortable reach to the tablet.

    Make sure to play with all of the buttons and applications by quickly pressing the functions without opening and hitting the Home Button and searching for the required sections and applications for an increased time.

    Technical specifications

    The core ingredient used to complete the design of the best tablets for toddlers. And we got;


    It should at least be from a dual-core family. Betting on something lower can ruin your entire experience.

    The Latest chipsets are good! The little kids need something too fast because you know the toddlers do not wait for a mere second to get to use the tablets for good!

    RAM and Storage

    Storage matters. The cartoon and the kid-related content are extremely bigger. And, with using this RAM of 2 GB would do good and the storage that you should opt for, by increasing the RAM and it opens the capacity to get to load evenly.

    And for the storage, you are good with up to 16 GBs of internal storage, which can be expended to a relatively higher slot through its tiny micro SD card!

    Battery life

    And it should last for longer hours. The minute the tablets come into contact with the toddler’s grip, it is not going to work down to ask for retrieval of the tablet for the next charge cycle efficiently.

    Luckily, the batteries should last for long hours, and that is extensively done with employing the powerful battery.

    Let’s discuss briefly what we have got for you!

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    How We Reviewed Best Tablets For Note Taking

    1. UJoyFeel Red Rose

    UJoyFeel Red Rose

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    Display size: 7″ Touch-Screen | Processor: 1.5 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo | Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: 0.71 lbs. |

    The toddlers are attracted to the design. Give them the design that is attractive and cartoon-formed, and they would like it more than anything. For example, place the simple and powerful tablet and then place the second tablet that is not that performance-rich but has the tremendous and kids-looking design, they would instantly raise the hands to pick the underperforming but the tablet designed to attract the toddlers without a single doubt.

    For the same, we are provided with the real toddler-liked tablet from UJoyFeel that has everything colored in Rose Red and the design specially crafted to get liked by the toddlers, from the grip to the handlebar as well as backed by the control to make the parents in command.

    Comes with the good-sized 7 inches of screen to let the toddlers seamlessly watch their best content in the shape of cartoon and other relevant materials without having them to put a lot of focus on the screen. And got coupled with the impressive LED display to up the quality and rotating to all the way around 360 degrees without having to dead color.

    When changing the viewing angle along with full view without a thin bezel and higher brightness level to keep the toddler’s eyes protected all the time. Suitable for the kids from the ages of 2 years to up to 14 years so that it can be consumed by almost all of the kids, let them be toddlers or the young-aged kids.

    Now to the mechanical parts that make up this ultimate toddler’s tablet from UJoyFeel. Installed with Android v8.1 ensures the operating system does not die down too soon and allows you access to all of the latest technology this OS version holds for you. Not necessarily required by the toddlers but to the parents to align the tablet accordingly to be used by their younger kids.

    Wrapped under the shockproof case as well as the stand at the back can hold this tablet to stick on the table for hands-free viewing experience. Proper storage of 16 GB with 1 GB RAM is more than sufficient to deal with the toddler’s needs. Parental control to give the parents the ultimate control of the tablet to lock and limit the usage by turning off the searches and Google Play Store as well as other relevant functions that you do not want the toddlers to access without the parents’ supervision.

    What We Like

    16 GBs storage with expandable to 32 GBs

    Good resolution with 1024 X 600 with 7 inches screen

    What We Don’t Like

    Less than average battery time

    Bottom Line:

    For the toddlers, this affordable and handy tablet from UJoyFeel would not regret you purchasing it for your lovely kids to get him or herself busy watching their favorite cartoon while you (the parents) busy running the errands.

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    2. UjoyFeel Green

    UjoyFeel Green

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    Display size: 7″ Touch-Screen | Processor: ‎1.3 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Rear & Front: Yes | Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo | Wi-Fi: Yes | Battery life: Up to 5 Hours | Weight: 12.3 Ounces |

    And here we got another UJoyFeel 7 inches toddler’s tablet, but that is different than the previous tablet from the UJoyFeel’s family. Different in the design and the look, but that is not different in the features. But it got one noticeable thing than many, and that makes it to its processor speed (and the count) as it reached the quad-core processor that is not going to let you experience the slowness and the slug even if put on the excessive load (not possible when solely used by the toddlers for overcoming their needs). Still, none of a tablet does not leave the assembly line without integrating the processor, a.k.a., the CPU with a speed of 1.3 GHz.

    The most important and the core of the toddler’s tablet is based on the design, look, and color. For them (the toddlers) to love it more, the tablets manufacturers require to invest (not money but their minds) on crafting the best design that they ever could. Thankfully, UJoyFeel’s tablet does not get left behind in owning the right and quite the right model to win their interest and snatch the curiosity. With wrapped the silicone protectors on all of the four corners that keep it safer and withstanding the impact if fallen mistakenly OR used roughly to conserve it from getting scratched.

    For the technicalities, having 7 inches of screen fitted with IPS and LED display and attaining the resolution of 1024 X 600 which helps in keeping the eyes safe even with watching the content for hours and the complete 360 degrees rotation is right to achieve the correct viewing angle when sitting or lying on the bed. Having up to 16 GBs of external storage along with 1 GB of RAM is an excellent combination to achieve enough space to host more than 20,000 storybooks and countless entertaining content for the toddlers to keep them engaged.

    At the same time, the parents are busy knocking down their tasks. The kids-proof case and laminated with glass on the screen give the double-duty durability and protection to keep it safe and sound. And in the last for the battery’s turn as it got enough capacity of up to 3,500mAh, which would happily last for around 5 to 7 hours with streaming the videos.

    What We Like

    Green colored


    Safety eye protection

    Great parental control

    Rotates to 360 degrees

    What We Don’t Like

    Lesser powered 1 GB RAM

    Bottom Line:

    Designed all for the kids and toddlers, this tablet from UJoyFeel does come with an affordable price to own it instantly.

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    3. LeapFrog


    Check on Amazon

    Dimensions: 1.4 x 6.83 x 7.89 inches | Processor: ‎1.3 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera: Yes | Wi-Fi: Yes | Battery life: Up to 7 Hours | Weight: 12 Ounces |

    This LeapFrog tablet is the exclusive toddlers’ thing to get their learning curves sharpened. The whole design to match and catch the attention of the toddlers, LeapFrog has invested a lot of its creative mind to get liked by the toddlers and just with its kiddo-design. It does not make it up to the real tablet, but it has the same functions (even imminent), but it comes with a Home button and all of the icons from letters, shapes, animals, colors, numbers, and more aligned like in the rows and columns just like a real tablet. So, if your kiddo knows using your tablet (the real one), then he (or she) would not feel new to operate this toddler-based tablet.

    Want to talk to the tablet? Yeah, that is quite an impressive feature this LeapFrog tablet got to turn the toddlers become more excited, just press any of the five docked icons to get the Scout talking, listen to him, explore the time, and listen to the integrated music, and more! And with the Explore mode, all of the apps that you see the icons of getting you to learn the newer things in an exciting way explaining everything in the understanding format which the kids like the most.

    Learn excitingly as this tablet got three exclusive learning modes where the toddlers can press on number one to activate the pretend play and other two methods to listen to animals’ names and the stories musically. Loaded with the interactive lights that blink on every touch mingled with the exciting colors and the pattern to draw the toddlers’ attention towards the tablet to excite them to play it for long. The more they play, and the more they are set to learn way before sending them to school.

    What We Like

    Full kid-friendly or toddler-friendly design; from up and all the way to down with functions

    Three different modes to learn and talk with the tablet

    Exclusive play pretend style to chat with Violet

    What We Don’t Like

    Lasts for a few months

    Bottom Line:

    For the ultimate toddlers’ preparation to getting used to much educational stuff to get versed with, this LeapFrog learning tablet has to be your favorite and number one choice.

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    4. Boxiki Kids

    Boxiki Kids

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    Dimensions: 4.7 x 1 x 8.1 inches Touch-Screen | Processor: ‎1.3 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Rear & Front: No | Wi-Fi: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: 6 Ounces |

    Purely designed and crafted for the toddlers to fast learning, having them owned this Boxiki Kids tablet is going to be your wisest investment done for your kid. It feels like a real tablet, but it is not. The predefined learning games help the toddlers to do flexible learning and gradually take the critical mind-games to shape and visualize their memory and develop the brain using the quizzing games. Best for boys and girls from the age brackets of 18 months to well up to 6 years to get their minds sharpened and stuffed with the educational materials to prepare them before going to the school.

    Produced with the hard-formed plastic and does not act as cheap stuff as the quality plastic used to form, this tablet would not easily break with hands or gently bashing on the floor, and you would still find it operational with safely bearing the impact. Guaranteed to survive the daily usage and observing all the roughness without degrading the performance so that you know this tablet is going to last for long and throughout the development years where your kid needs to learn and get prepared to enter into the school life. Suitable to be used on the go, keep the toddlers engaged all along the long road trip to see how curiously they get involved with using this Boxiki Kids’ tablet.

    Powered with three AA batteries and is equipped with six unique educational functions explicitly crafted for the toddlers to get started with learning the newer skills and the language entertainingly. Learn from numbers to spellings and the fun melodies; your toddlers are all set to get taught while keeping themselves busy. The one kind of exciting feature it got; Boxiki Kids tablet turns off automatically to converse the battery as it is standard of leaving it turned on by the kids. 🙂

    What We Like

    Considered to be the ultimate learning pad for easy using the functionalities

    Much suited for 18 months to 6 years old lads

    Build with all the quality

    What We Don’t Like

    Runs with 3 AA batteries, so keep another set ready all the time

    Bottom Line:

    Something more straightforward and functional tablet you are looking for without owning the real-life tablet for your toddler, do not let this Boxiki Kids tablet go in vain.

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    5. Toddlers Education Tablet

    Toddlers Education Tablet

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    Dimensions: 10.16 x 7.99 x 1.73 Inches | Processor: ‎1.3 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Rear & Front: No | Wi-Fi: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: 11.3 Ounces |

    Yet again, we bring you one more toddlers-specific tablet, which is going to be our last pick from the best tablets for toddlers. Designed exclusively for the toddlers to get the educational stuff learned in the fun and exciting way which the toddlers like to get remembered with ease. The colorful keypad delivers hours-long fun. Play along with letters, shapes, spelling, music, and objects; that is all done in the musical way to keep the toddlers engaged and glued to the tablet for hours.

    This exciting and catchy design does not let the toddlers not to pick it up instantly and hastily. Priced to the so-affordable range, this indeed would not make you question your choice anytime in the future. It comes with an excellent grip to hold in both hands, and the adjustable volume button helps to tune down and up and the volume to match with the environment, and they can peacefully learn through the tablet even while gathering.

    Recommended to utilize for the toddlers from the age of 12+ months and best works to get them occupied with getting learned the educational stuff anywhere they are. Runs to play up to 10 popular melodies and powered with 2 AA batteries ensure it is never going to die down soon.

    What We Like

    Recommended for 12+ months toddlers to use

    Runs with AA and dual batteries

    Great colored in red and white’s combination

    What We Don’t Like

    Not loud enough in volume

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    5 Best Tablets For Toddlers In 2023


    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How Much Screen Time Should A 3 Year Old Have?

    High-quality educational programming is available for preschoolers aged 2 to 5 for up to one hour every day. Video chats with grandparents or other family members are an exception to this guideline since they count as social interaction and quality time.

    2. Is 32gb iPad Enough For A Child?

    If your youngster will mostly utilize applications and stream video, the 32 GB iPad will most likely suffice, even a 16 GB is always a better choice. If you intend on transferring a lot of images, music, and movies on the tablet, such as on lengthy car rides or aircraft travels when Wi-Fi is poor or nonexistent, the 128 GB version is worth the extra $100.

    3. What Is The Difference Between An iPad And A Tablet?

    The iPad is Apple’s device. The iPad uses Apple’s iOS whereas the majority of tablets utilize Google’s Android operating system. Tablets, unlike iPads, can display online videos using common software, so you’ll have no trouble seeing Flash-based websites, Flash games, or watching Flash movies.

    4. What Is The Difference Between An iPad And A Tablet And A Notebook?

    The iPad is Apple’s tablet. Apple’s iOS powers the iPad, while Google’s Android powers the majority of tablets. A notepad is significantly more versatile and adjustable than Windows or OS X. They can handle more complicated applications and provide the user with broader access to the file storage system.


    And here, we conclude our list of best tablets for toddlers where we happened to hunt and find up to 5 great tablets in our inventory that are ready to serve and keep your toddlers engaged playing with and learning the new things all by themselves.

    You do everything, but the toddlers would not sit next to you. Try it, and you will get exhausted. So, only technology has the power to deal with the situation.

    Bring one of these best tablets for toddlers and see them glued to the screen all day long.