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When you are set to get one of the best tablets for kids from the market, and all alone; you should not take it as a light obligatory task to mark completed within a wink. Because you should be well aware of the common thing that happens with almost every kid living around the world. And that is you hand the simple stuff to a kid and he would refuse it. Then you hand the colorful stuff, he would happily accept that.

But picking the best tablets for kids is not just the simplest thing to do. You not only need the fancy and kid-friendly design of the tablet but that should be enough power to bear everything your kid uses that tablet for. From the product durability testing to the kids contents available worldwide, from the online games for kids to the kids information websites, all the subjects are just on their fingertips.

So, We have to be vigilant and need to be careful enough to select the best tablets for kids that meet the set expectations which most of the kids have dreamt about their tablets that how it should look and do for them. Whether it’s an Apple tablet or Android tablet for kids, parents will definitely need a secure and easy to use parental control settings to set up the gadget they gonna hand it over to their future leaders of the world.

With parental control, parents are able to restrict, impose limitations, and even track the activities of their kids over the gadgets. There are millions of information floating around the globe, like online libraries, kids friendly apps on play store, games, movies, dramas, and cartoons for kids to have access to that. So parental control has brought a sigh of relief to the parents to upgrade their kids with modern technology which is the need of the 21st century without having a fear that up-gradation will divert their kids from the main and positive cause.

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As far as the product classification durability and tangibility is concerned, all the products we have chosen are specifically designed for kids. All these products are with shockproof cases. So the question arises that what does shockproof case mean and how it can help parents to load their kids with? It is very simple.

When an organization targets a specific segment of the society and when it comes to the kid’s segment then they are aware of the fact that kids do not know the value and usage of the product they have. They might use the gadget like a hammer or can use it like a frisbee(i have seen many) or kids are very creative so they can compose a piece of live music by using the tablet as a drum pad beat maker. How cool they look like when they do such acts and that is why because the time they are in is like their kingdom and they are free to do anything.

I can feel the concerns of their innocent parents and this is the reason why we have picked all the products that are integrated with a shockproof bumper case, multilayer protective screen, and the most important part is, most of the manufacturers are providing after-sale repair facility with or without charging you for some of your bucks.

So, it comes with various things to consider before hopping to have the best tablets for kids in the pocket.

And, what are they; we would be telling you all about it through our next part, the process criteria.

Best Tablets For Kids – At A Glance

  • 1. Contixo V8 – Best Android Tablet For 10 Year Old
  • 2. TOPELOTEK – Best Android Tablet For Toddlers
  • 3. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition – Best Tablet for Kids and Parents
  • 4. B.B.Paw – Best Tablet For Infants
  • 5. Veidoo – Best Tablet For Children

    FIRE HD 8 Tablet
    Editor’s Choice
    FIRE HD 8 TABLET Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Fire OS 7 Battery life: 12 Hours

    Check on Amazon

    Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet
    Amazon’s Choice
    Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Android 9 Pie Battery life: 12 Hours

    Check on Amazon

    Samsung Tab A7 Lite
    Samsung Tab A7 Lite Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.3 GHz, 1.8 GHz OS: Android 11 Battery life: 12 Hours

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    Buying Guide

    Our Simplest Criteria to Select the Best Tablets for Kids

    Let’s not complicate you more because we know you already are. 🙂

    SO, we are meant to just help you out to find the best tablets for your kid to keep knocking and rolling throughout the day by watching their favorite cartoons, movies, and games.

    And our selection criteria circles around the whole scenario what the kids expect to be having from owning the tablet as well as to help the parents (budget-wise) to get the fully-loaded tablet to have their kids love it.

    Price factor; We do NOT exaggerate to spend the folds of money but our 5 best tablets for kids are indeed best fi to be the inexpensive tablets with features that would just stun anyone.

    Design; always attractive and look to be real kids-friendly from top to the deep down bottom.

    Added with the latest technology; a tablet with the kid-friendly design is not just enough if it does come loaded with the technologies to keep it operating without the sluggish and interruption.

    Parental control; That is the one important feature you need to have the kids tablets be equipped with.

    Durable and flexible; durable to the point of the build and mostly the kids’ tablets come right buried into the covers. And by the flexible, we meant to be priced with the lower-end in case anything bad happens.

    So, our 5 of the best tablets for kids do contain these all factors so that they are intensively used ONLY by the kids. 🙂

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    How We Reviewed Best Tablets for Kids

    Here are the top 5 Best Tablets for Kids and these tablets are our best pick from the big fish market.

    1. Contixo V8 2020 release

    Contixo V8

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    Display size: 7″ | Processor: ‎1.5 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Rear: 2 MP | Operating System: Android 10 | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 10 Hours | Weight: 0.80 lbs. |

    Fully covered into the red-colored kids-proof case made with durable material to protect from front to back, this Contixo V8 makes into our list of best tablets for kids for many reasons.

    Powered by Android OS, Contixo V8 is the mid-sized and an average kids tablet coupled with the basic features but that does not mean it would drag the performance.

    Let’s find out all the technologies installed within these specific kids tablets to check out its strength;

    The technical aspect of Contixo V8:

    ● Contixo V8 has up to 20 education and learning-based games preinstalled.

    ● It looks to be the real, normal, and regular tablet but is kid-friendly loaded with the quad-core processors with the power of 1.5GHz and the Android OS version of 8.1 to provide the best performance that you require for multiple programs to use simultaneously.

    ● Installed with 7 inches of non-shattering HD touch display and quite a few features such as double web cameras, and Bluetooth that added to the weight of the tablet to up to mere 1lbs.

    ● With having 16GBs of internal memory to expand up to 128GBs through a microSD card slot when you need to up the internal memory to store much of the data for kids and 1GB RAM is enough to run most of the content.

    ● Get it used and enjoyed by your children for up to 10 good hours through its lithium-based 3,000 mAh battery where you would want to get it charged rarely.

    ● The durable kid-proof case takes out all the wear and tears and works as the cushion that meets the floor first in case it falls to the floor.

    ● Set the parental control with the age-compliant web browsing to take full control of what the kids would be allowed to watch and use the this Contixo V8 Kids Edition tablet for.

    ● The dual camera on rear and front to have the kids learn the art of photography to enjoy the moments to their fullest.

    Why should you pick Contixo V8 for your kids?

    Price is the real factor in Contixo V8’s case but it is not alone…. The Android 8.1 OS with 1.5GHz of the processor would not let the kids wait for a while to open anything right away.

    What We Like

    The quad-core processor of 1.5GHz with RAM sizes to 1GB along with 16GBs internal storage to start using the tablet for many tasks that your kids got to proceed with

    Battery time of up to 10 hours

    Expandable internal storage to up to 128GBs with the help of microSD card

    Super easier to use through its installed Android OS 8.1 to access anything through Google Play Store

    Battery which will last not less than 10 hours

    Protected with a kids-proof case to keep it safe

    One of the pretty affordable

    What We Don’t Like

    Runs with only Wi-Fi

    Battery time varies situation to situation

    Bottom Line:

    Looking for a simple and affordable piece of tablets for kids, this Contixo V8 Kids Edition tablet is not a miss.

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    Display size: 7″ | Processor: ‎1.5 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Front & Rear: 0.3 MP & 2.0 MP | Operating System: Android 10 | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: 0.77 lbs. |

    More kid-friendly design with a not just-no glimpse of the regular tablet should show from any sides and corners, then this TOPELOTEK’s Kids Edition tablet is for you.

    From the design to look to the usage, everything is just kids-friendly to keep them busy with their favorite content.

    Being super affordable to your budget, TOPELOTEK is popular amongst the parents for the very reason of price tag. But this tag should not lead you to a conclusion the tablet would not last. It is as strong as any tablet for kids found in the market.

    So, let’s explore it from technically;

    Technical Features of TOPELOTEK Kids Edition tablet:

    ● Pre Installed and ready to use right after the purchase with apps, games, books, movies, and other kids-related stuff.

    ● Loaded with Android OS 8.1 with 16GBs of internal memory and 1GB RAM to power up the TOPELOTEK tablet.

    ● It comes with an IPS screen of 7 inches along with a resolution of 1024 * 600 with a viewing angle of 178 degrees to view the best quality and bright graphics from any angle without affecting the eyesight of your beloved kids.

    ● When 16GBs is not enough for you, load up a microSD card in its slot to get the storage increased to as much as 32GBs.

    ● Having the screen covered with kids’ safety protective layers would not get the eyes to hurt as well anything spilled would not flow inside the screen.

    ● Enhanced and easy-to-manage parental controls to allow, and even disallow, the content for your kids to consume.

    Why go with TOPELOTEK Kids Edition tablet?

    Price is the real winner here, without a doubt! But the design has an equal impact that is hard to find off the market when looking for more of the kids-friendly tablet.

    Bring this one in your home and see how the kids getting crazy about it! 🙂

    What We Like

    Up with the good Android OS version 8.1

    7 inches of screen that bring the resolution size of 1024 * 600 to view it from 178 degree

    16GBs internal memory with the option to expand through one single microSD slot

    Placed the safety protective layer to reduce the glare

    Full-fledged parental control to allow and disallow the content

    What We Don’t Like

    Battery power is much lower to last for a few hours

    Does not control the time limit

    Bottom Line:

    Pretty much designed according to the needs and likes of a kid, TOPELOTEK’s Kid Edition tablet is the best choice of not just the kids but the parents as well (and, you know why! :)…)

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    3. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

    Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

    Check on Amazon

    Display size: 8″ | Processor: ‎1.5 GHz | Ram: 1.5 GB | Storage: 32 GB | Camera Front & Rear: 2 MP & 2 MP | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 10 Hours | Weight: 474 g |

    Do you remember what I said earlier? Hand the simple stuff to the kids and they will refuse to accept and would get bored after a while. The same can (and still) happen in the case of giving them one of the best tablets. If they are not up and equipped with a design that is not kid-friendly, then let’s get ready to waste your investment. This Kid Edition Fire HD 8 tablet is pretty much loaded with the things that kids do love.

    From the design to the features and the price (of course) make the kids and their parents to just fall in love with Fire HD 8 tablet. So, what all it got inside the powerful shell of Fire HD Kids Edition tablet and outside as well, we will explore them in technical features in a moment;

    Technicalities used to design the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition:

    ● The powerful kid-proof case colored in pink to sustain more of the bumps and falls that may happen anytime when used by the kids.

    ● It looks like a toy but it is not because of the integrated technology that first starts with the HD display of 8 inches along the 32GBs of internal memory to store much of the data, 1.3 GHz quad-core processors along 1.5 GBs of RAM to more stuff without needing to get rid of the opened ones.

    ● Battery time which lasts up to 10 hours threshold.

    ● It comes with the expandable storage to well up to 400 GBs through inserting a microSD card.

    ● Parental controls to manage the whole device the way you need; from screen time limits to educations goals to filter and set the age-appropriate content per your kid’s age and limit the browsing and it will store all of the personalized settings in Amazon FreeTime profile.

    ● Make edits and changes into the parental controls on this Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet through the device directly or by acing the Amazon Parent Dashboard with having this tablet hooked up.

    ● Need to be accessed by the adult, just enter the passcode and there would not be any parental control implemented.

    ● When no reception of Wi-Fi connection, your kid can still consume the content which was previously downloaded to their FreeTime profiles to get entertained anytime and anywhere you go without worrying about the internet connection.

    ● Let the kids browse the web through its kid-safe browser that only opens up access to kids-appropriate content. And, the parents can add more sites to be whitelisted if there comes the need.

    ● Dual speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

    What makes it like Fire HD 8 Kids Edition?

    Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is backed and produced by Amazon itself and hence you can expect the build and quality the tablets for kids should have to last for long.

    Labeled with the right price tag even if it is a little expensive but the features that it got, you can sit relaxed by modifying the parental settings for your kids to use without needing to frequently check on the kids.

    What We Like

    Exceptional battery time to hit up to 10 hours of usage

    8 inches screen backed by HD display as well as 32GBs internal storage to go to up to 400GBs by inserting just a microSD

    Surrounded with the pink colored kid-proof case to deal with the falls

    Advanced-level of the parental controller to make it purely work for your kid and later allow the stuff to easily whitelist through the device and the online Amazon Parent dashboard.

    2-years warranty

    What We Don’t Like

    Only has the Wi-Fi

    Bottom Line:

    Never try a fully-loaded tablet for the kids, and that is our wise advice to you as a parent. Tagital T7K Plus matches best for its affordability and the features are enough to handle a kid. 🙂

    4. B.B.Paw


    Check on Amazon

    Display size: 7″ | Processor: ‎1.5 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 8 GB | Operating System: Android |Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 3 Hours | Weight: ‎1.1 Pounds |

    Kids are meant to learn everything but when you force them, they will lose out the interest right away.

    Hence, everything should be done in the proper, polite, and funny ways. And enhancing the talents, only the technology can help out the parents. So for the same cause, this kid-friendly B.B.Paw tablet should be a wise investment.

    From design to features to content, everything circles around the kid to get to learn in a fun way.

    Technical Features of B.B.Paw kid-friendly tablet:

    ● Pre-loaded Spanish and English languages to learn the stuff in both languages.

    ● Its separate education section contains Brain Training stuff to enhance the memory through the 7 inches of HD display.

    ● Loaded with parental control to take everything in your control.

    ● Covered into the shock-proof case to survive even if falls.

    ● Installed with Android OS version 6.0 in a green-color kid-proof protective case and holds the strength to store the data up to 8GBs with 1GB RAM.

    Why pick B.B.Paw then?

    For the absolute kid-friendly interface and everything about them; this goes deep into the heart to be loved by the parents as well as the kids.

    What We Like

    7 inches HD display covered into the shock-proof case

    Parental controller

    120+ pre-loaded apps

    Designed for kids to learn and with two different languages; English and Spanish

    8GB of internal memory (expandable thru microSD card)

    What We Don’t Like

    3 hours of battery backup time

    An older version of Android (6.0 Marshmallow) installed

    Bottom Line:

    Check out nothing when you are reading this ultimate kid-friendly tablet that we just got for you, and is named B.B.Paw.

    Make your kid sharpen the mind and the pre-loaded content will greatly help in this case.

    5. Veidoo


    Check on Amazon

    Display size: 7″ | Processor: ‎1.3 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Operating System: ‎Android |Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 3 Hours | Weight: ‎1 Pounds |

    When you see this Veidoo kids’ tablet within the handgrips of the kids, that would resemble to be something else like a toy or a pail, but it is not.

    It is the real tablet for the kids to play up their favorite games, learn, and enjoy the content which they most love about. And this Veidoo tablet is our 5th and the last in the line of the best tablets for kids.

    Technical Features:

    ● Wrapped under the kid-proof and durable silicone-made case to protect it from getting into any unfortunate accidents.

    ● Parental control to select what kind of content should your kid get access to.

    ● Quad-core CPU coupled with Android v 6.0 with other loaded features of WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and more.

    HD IPS display to watch with good details by getting the maximum resolution of 1024 x 600.

    ● It comes with 16GBs of internal memory along 1GB RAM to provide enough storage to this Veidoo kids tablet.

    Why should you like Veidoo tablet?

    Kids love the colors and design. And Veidoo is no different than that and got the one secret ingredient to get loved by the kids. 🙂

    What We Like

    1.3GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and about 16GB ROM

    Extendable to up to 64GBs using the TF card

    Gets the kid to view the graphics with 7 inches HD IPS screen

    Fully-loaded and commanding parental controller at the parent’s service

    What We Don’t Like

    The battery lasts for just 3 hours


    5 Best Tablets For Kids


    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you do homework on a tablet?

    They can still use their online learning service and keep up with communications from their teacher or classmates on a tablet. They’ll also be able to complete easy things like reading and using the internet for quick assignment help.

    2. Which is best for online classes tab or laptop?

    Tablet displays are significantly more user-friendly than laptop ones. Each programme has its own cell, and navigating the tablet is simple. Furthermore, because younger kids struggle with keyboards, there is no substantial drawback to using a tablet.

    3. What tablet should I get for my toddler?

    There many option available in tablet’s world that you can have for your toddlers. They are kids friedly, and have application only made for their enhancement. Here are the some that we have collected from ther big fish market, you can have for your toddlers.

    1. Contixo V8


    3. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

    4. B.B.Paw

    5. Veidoo

    4. Can a 1 year old have a tablet?

    When purchasing a tablet for your child, make sure it is age-appropriate and simple to use. An iPad is not required for a one-year-old (or even internet access, for that matter). It is necessary that your kids must be at least 2-year or above before handling them a tablet.


    We fell complete, finally! Our handpicked of 5 best tablets for kids would bring a smile on their face by playing the games and watching their favorite cartoons.

    But do NOT let them use these tablets just for the entertainment purpose but encourage to learn something new.

    Being almost all of them backed by Android, you have access to the inventory of thousands of applications, games, and everything to just spend the time as well as learn to sharpen the mind and thoughts.

    The age which the keds belong to, you should be the in-the-command to steer their minds to develop to absorb what is happening around to find their talent and the interest.

    So, having one of the best tablets for kids is going to be extremely helpful for your kid to learn the needs which the modern era demands!