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Almost no one can deny the need of having any of the smart devices in their possession regardless of whatever they do, whoever they are, and what age bracket they fall. So, how come the college-goers can NOT own such devices? And, we are mainly talking about the best tablets for college to arm them to do various tasks.

Being associated with the youngest generation, they just need to follow the style along with the burden of studies. And the tablet is a cost-effective solution for them to help with conducting the studies-related research, getting in touch with family back at home, taking selfies, and more.

The college-goers need freedom, and the tablet is the complete contributing element to enjoying it to the fullest as it comes with a weightless, compact, and portable-friendly design to remain in the hands without feeling any weight. Needless to say, the tablet would easily exceed and replace requiring a laptop because of the multiple features it offers.

These feature-rich tablets for college students vary in pricing, functionalities, screen size, and more. So, it is totally up to you to decide which one is going to fit well for your grown-up kids who are starting to study in college or already are there.

Here is the list of the best pool of charismatic tablets and find out what we got for you!

Let’s dive in!

So, what do they generally come up with, and we will talk out in detail! 🙂

Top 5 Best Tablets for College – At A Glance

  • 1. RCA Voyager Pro 7 – Best Tablet with a Keyboard
  • 2. Microsoft Surface Pro – Best Tablet with 4GB RAM
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Best Tablet under 150
  • 4. Fire 7 – Best 7in Tablet
  • 5. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 – Best CPU Tablet

    FIRE HD 8 Tablet
    Editor’s Choice
    FIRE HD 8 TABLET Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Fire OS 7 Battery life: 12 Hours

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    Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet
    Amazon’s Choice
    Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Android 9 Pie Battery life: 12 Hours

    Check on Amazon

    Samsung Tab A7 Lite
    Samsung Tab A7 Lite Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.3 GHz, 1.8 GHz OS: Android 11 Battery life: 12 Hours

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    What To Expect From The Best Tablets For College?

    There are certain features and the functionalities to oversee before going to lock on the tablet.

    Let’s check it out.

    1- Budget

    Can you expect to go to the market and do the shopping limitless? Of course, everything comes with the proper preparation, AND the budget is the first thing that everyone should set.

    2- Operating System (OS)

    If you set to analyze what is in the trend, then you would find the Android OS is topping every single chart. So, the tablet should at least get installed with Android OS and nothing less than that. But if you can, iOS would even do good in this case, but that depends on your preferences and priorities to select the iOS or Android-based tablet for your kid to use in the college with the added convenience to go limitless. And the least to resort with the OS selection, and it goes to Windows for the college-goers who feel to use the same across all of the devices.

    3- Screen size

    This again depends on the personal preference, but the more significant is the screen, the higher chance it would bring the easiness to navigate through the tablet and fits well in your grip along with the books you hold in hand.

    But wait and understand one thing; having the tablet means it would always be relatively more prominent in the screen size than the average and most of the smartphones. So, expect at least 7.0 inches of screen to go as much as around 12 inches.

    4- Storage and RAM

    Tablets with 32 GB and at least 2 GB of RAM got considered to be an excellent selection to give a good performance. If you can happen to upgrade your budget, then the sizes of RAM and storage would hit over the fence to enhance the performance.

    A smaller RAM capacity under 2 GB mark can still do good if your usage is not that resource-hogging, but if it is, expect to hit the frequent crashes of the apps to ruin the entire experience.

    4- Processor

    That directly and proportionally impacts the processing speed to open and shift to the applications quickly. Having the quad-core processor tablet is faster to respond to your commands than the dual-core processor one. Take it as advice to be part of your list to review in your next purchase of the tablet.

    5- Battery life

    When the kid is out to attend the class in college, that entire duration will not let them charge the tablet. So, the tablet should be selected on a reasonable basis of extended battery life of at least 6 to 8 hours to survive the day at college before dying out in your hands.

    To find out what we have got for you, let’s dive in!

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    How We Reviewed Best Tablets for College in 2022

    Here are the top 5 Best Tablets for college and these tablets are our best pick from the big fish market.

    1. RCA Voyager Pro 7

    RCA Voyager Pro 7

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    Display size: 7″ Touch-Screen | Processor: 1.2 GHz | Ram: 2 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Rear: 2 MP | Operating System: Android | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 4 Hours | Weight: ‎11.4 Ounces |

    We know the first thing that college-goers need to be worried about is the budget. And with the same in our mind, we start with our very first tablet that is generous enough to not put an impact on your wallet. This RCA Voyager Pro 7 is the complete budget-friendly tablet for college to enjoy and get done with most of the college tasks.

    This small-sized and 7 inches display to reach the maximum of 1024 X 600 resolution comes with eleventh Android version 6.0 named Marshmallow that excels enough power to the tablet for having it seamlessly work under the secured and worry-free environment. And that boosts the power to the multiple folds with having soldered in the quad-core processor of 1.2 GHz, which is super pleasant to throttle the processing speed to have it sniff swiftly through the programs.

    The inclusion of enough sufficient space of 16 GB aids you to stock most of your essential data without getting baffled. But you should be well aware of one thing, while the loaded storage space is quite enough for using it for general purposes, but it cannot bring you plenty of it to save multimedia and high-resolution images.

    Expect the battery to drain out to zero with the mix of heavy to medium-intensive usage in a mere 5-hour time frame. And with being put on standby mode, you can comfortably take it to up to 18 hours before needing to find the power post. Colored in black and having the rear webcam of 2 megapixels with just 11.4 ounces in weight, these combine this RCA Voyager Pro 7 to perform well with your basic college tasks as the keyboard case comes included into the package.

    What We Like

    Packaged with keyboard case

    Good processing speed with an adequate amount of storage capacity

    What We Don’t Like

    7 inches screen size that is a little small for many

    Bottom Line:

    Mind one thing; these features RCA Voyager Pro 7 come with, they are meant to use this tablet for just the specific and general usage, and you cannot expect it to enhance its performance beyond its limit to act as a high-end tablet.

    Get your basic stuff done, and it is going to help you out with not costing enough of the burden at your wallet.

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    2. Microsoft Surface Pro

    Microsoft Surface Pro

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    Display size: 12.3″ Touch-Screen | Processor: Intel Core i5 | Ram: 4 GB | Storage: 128 GB | Operating System: Windows 10 Professional | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 13.5 Hours | Weight: ‎1.70 lbs. |

    Versatile, sleek, and powerful, these three words are well beyond to praise the completeness of Microsoft Surface Pro. Bundled with the most advanced technologies, you can expect the limitless delivery of the functionalities to touch the height of your excitement. The more you use it, the more you are going to love it.

    It comes with the original Windows 10 Pro as the operating system to feel like operating the tablet just like you do with the laptop, but that is not enough. The enhanced performance quadruples by using the extremely-powerful processor of Intel Core i5 to enjoy the unmatched speed. And the 4 GB RAM with 128 GB storage (expandable to 256 GB) to add more to the performance you can hardly experience using most of the notable tablets.

    Quality viewing experience with bringing and accurate colors, it got 12.3 inches of PixelSense touchscreen included with the stylus allows you to keep the setting to reach to almost 2736 X 1824 with the resolution to only enjoy the HD and truest-feeling views. And the GPU from Intel Iris HD graphics adds up to the viewing performance to prove to be airing the high-class graphics to enjoy watching the videos and playing any kind of the intensive games to reach the limit of GPU.

    The attached kickstand helps to transform this Microsoft Surface Pro to take up different positions from laptop mode to studio mode to up to tablet mode. Added in the package, the surface dial to ease down for selecting your most-used menus and the arc mouse, which connects through Bluetooth to let you enjoy using the tablet. This power-efficient tablet easily lasts the battery to up to 13 hours, which is by far the highest of the battery duration the tablets could ever get.

    What We Like

    12.3 inches of more prominent screen display with 2736 X 1824 resolution with PixelSense technology

    Original installed Windows 10 Pro

    Excellent 13 hours of battery time

    Transform it into laptop, studio, and tablet mode using the built-in kickstand

    Enough 4GB RAM to maintain your given load on the tablet

    What We Don’t Like

    A little expensive in the price

    Bottom Line:

    Make your trusting instincts to get the trust built on Microsoft Surface Pro, and we believe you can blindly trust on this brand due to its sleek and effective tablets to get your college stuff done with style.

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    3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A

    Check on Amazon

    Display size: 8″ Touch-Screen | Processor: ‎2.0 GHz | Ram: 3 GB | Storage: 32 GB | Camera : HD Quality | Operating System: Android 9 Pie | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 13 Hours | Weight: 12.2 Ounces |

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A is famous for the best viewing experience. Jotted with the incredible technologies that Samsung has spent, the screen and the graphics quality is the best of the scope the devices from Samsung are most popular.

    The minimum bezel to maximize the viewing area to do what? To view the screen where the 8.0 inches of the screen does already look like a wider one. Get to enjoy the best graphics where the smaller screen size would not hurt the eyes even at the 1280 x 800p resolution.

    Designed with the lightweight components and layered with the high-grade metallic finish to take it along with you on the go where you would not notice holding anything in your grip. And the dual speakers are meant to provide you the entertainment content wherever you are.

    The powerful battery that can take you to utilize Samsung Galaxy Tab A for good 13 hours, the highest of the battery time to do anything, from watching the entertainment, browsing the internet, and playing the games without thinking about charging the tablet anytime sooner. That is the one best reason to like Samsung Galaxy Tab A to be its own.

    And it gives you the freedom to never run out of space. Store anything into its internal 32 GB built-in storage that is capable of providing room too much of your data, the essential data that you need anytime. Like the homework, research papers, and notes taken during the classes to make sure you have in your easy reach anytime. Even at a certain point when it is feasible to avoid the spacing issues, the tiny microSD card can quickly expand your storage to well up to 512 GB, and that is the storage capacity that would hardly reach to get full, isn’t it? 🙂

    Did we forget something deliberately? No, we have NOT and kept it to shoot at the last. The processor it comes loaded with, the super powerful in its speed where most of the folks would think they may compromise due to the screen quality but no need to do that. This tablet got one powerful processor of quad-core 2.0 GHz to have you experience using the real computer instead.

    What We Like

    Minimum bezel display with good 8 inches screen

    32GB internal storage that can get extended to 512GB

    Powerful 2.0 GHz quad-core processors

    What We Don’t Like

    May lag when using WiFi

    Bottom Line:

    We can understand the worth of Samsung, and this Galaxy Tab A is the best of the tablet ready to be in your possession.

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    4. Fire 7

    Fire 7 Tablet

    Check on Amazon

    Display size: 7″ Touch-Screen | Processor: 2.0 GHz | Ram: 1 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Front & Rear: 2 MP & 720p HD | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 10 Hours | Weight: 9.9 Ounces |

    You might be wondering why we did not include any of the tablets from Amazon’s exclusive tablet series of Fire. Do not worry, and we had it kept for introducing the top-notch tablets in the end. 🙂

    This Fire 7 tablet does have the smaller size of the screen of 7 inches equipped with IPS display designed to showcase your favorite graphics content with the highest HD quality with the standard resolution size of 1024 X 600 (171 PPI) to not compromise with the viewing experience.

    The enhanced performance is doubled by the quad-core 1.3 GHz to boost the processing speed to skyrocket, and this tiny Fire 7 tablet can easily break down the guesses of the ordinary people that it would not do good in terms of performance. And getting coupled with the 16 GB of storage along with 1 GB RAM do just an okay job to utilize the tablet for your general college tasks. Thought that might not be a considerable element to boost the performance, but it would do the work just okay.

    Take the dual camera to take the selfies with 2 MP power exceed the images’ quality, and you know you can frame your surroundings in mere seconds. And the battery life of 7 hours can survive you from the college time with using the tablet at its extreme limits.

    What We Like

    The proud production of Amazon

    Alexa-enabled tablet

    Excellent 7 hours of battery time

    What We Don’t Like

    1 GB RAM which is quite lower

    Bottom Line:

    Amazon is always the best, and this Fire 7 tablet (despite its size) comes with many features to like it from the bottom of the heart.

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    5. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

    Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD

    Check on Amazon

    Display size: 10.1″ Touch-Screen | Processor: 2.0 GHz | Ram: 2 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera : HD Quality | Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: ‎1 Pounds |

    The powerful tablet requires the extra-powerful intuition to select and grab the sense of the market to ensure what is best around the market when it comes to the features that should be compliant to the requirements of the college students.

    Though the students do not need the feature-rich tablets, what is wrong in that if they have the one? And that being said, the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is the most substantial piece of the tablet to fit well into the budget as well as the features to bring the ultimate performing machine in their grips.

    Lenovo Smart Tab P10 comes with not that full screen as 10.1 inches, but it got considered to be an average size what the tablets should contain to view over the screen effectively. And when we are talking about the screen size, why should we NOT mention it is HD-fitted display to view every inch of the screen with the bring of quality that you deserve to see through.

    And the fingerprint sensor to quickly login into the tablet where it could not get used by just one person but multiple as the separate profiles would get the person to log-in into his (or her) workspace. So, set it up wisely and limit the usage per person to ensure it does not get abused. With that, you can easily share the same tablet among multiple people without running into a headache.

    Experience the high-speed processing through Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 quad-core processor with a maximum speed of 2.0 GHz that enables this tablet to perform beyond your expectations. Coupled with 16 GB internal storage and the 2 GB RAM does an excellent job to store and access much of the college data to retrieve anytime quickly.

    One exciting feature this tablet is equipped with, the built-in Alexa system to operate the functionalities without ever needing to touch the tablet with the ease of listening to your voice.

    What We Like

    HD display

    Placed with a fingerprint locking system for multiple people to use the same tablet

    Can be set up to operate using Alexa

    8 hours to last

    What We Don’t Like

    Cannot uninstall much of the pre-loaded applications

    Bottom Line:

    Pretty powerful performing tablet, Lenovo is always the best in the line of good tablets. And this particular Lenovo Smart Tab M10 is the complete solution to enjoy your college life.

    Best Tablets For College In 2023

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is a tablet worth it for college?

    They will save the student money and are environmentally friendly. Tablets are also useful for reading long-form content, and carrying a tablet about campus is considerably simpler than carrying a bundle of books. It will rely on the college’s teaching technique for other majors.

    2. Is a tablet necessary for students?

    A laptop, tablet, or Chromebook is a crucial tool for your child to thrive in their classes, do their homework, and remain in contact with friends and family, whether they are learning at home or at school.

    3. What are the benefits of tablet for students?

    The following are six advantages of tablets for digital learning:

    1. They are better for advance learning and other technical skills.

    2. They’re extremely portable and have enough amount of storage.

    3. They are not Wi-Fi dependent.

    4. Touchscreens and digital pens helps in easy access, learning and drawing.

    5. They are to use for e-learning and taking of notes.

    6. They helps in the same way as traditional computers.

    4. Why is a tablet necessary?

    Tablets are highly productive now-e-days. This implies that, with the exception of the most intense computational jobs, such as editing raw 8K video files, for which highly specialized equipment is required, tablets contain all the power any user could possibly require to study, work, and be generally productive.


    The hunt concludes here, and we come up with 11 best tablets for college to make your life super convenient and enjoyable where any of the tablets can replace you to be using the laptop.

    As they all belong to different features and the pricing, see which one is going to assist your college-going child to stay productive at the classes and connect with the family back at home with ease.

    So, grab any one of them and enjoy it! 🙂