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A good writer always needs a trusty yet comfortable keyboard at which they can type for hours without any fatigue. A writer can write well-written scripts, stories, blogs, and creative essays but if they do not have a good laptop their final written product might not turn out amazing. There are many best laptops for writers available in the market which are advertised to have the perfect specifications for a writer’s needs. However, not every single one of them is the best option.

You can find different laptops in the market some are suitable for gamers, some for video editors, or some for programmers, in this same way some laptops are best suitable for professional writers. The niche of writing is often underestimated but in reality, a writer also needs a powerful workstation that runs programs essential for writing without any hiccups. Moreover, the key to finding a good laptop for writing is buying a laptop with the best keyboard in the competition. A comfortable laptop keyboard has nice tactile feedback that feels satisfying while typing. Good quality, bright laptop screen also adds to the experience making viewing the screen for extended hours comfortable for the writer.

Professional writing is not as easy as people consider it, a good computer or laptop can affect the quality of the work. If one wants to be productive and produce good work or if they prefer an on-the-go writing experience then they should have the best writing laptop. We have arranged a list of some of the best laptops for writers on a budget so any aspiring writer would not have to go through the trouble to choose a good writing laptop.

Buying Guide

Screen Size

Traditionally, we have heard that a larger screen size is only for gamers. But that is not true. Writers also do in need of larger screen size to write anything easily and comfortably. Writing on a big screen is easy as compared to on a small screen. Also, as compared to screen size, the keyboard must be of a bigger size that helps widely while writing.


Larger keyboards are more useful for writers to write to move easily and quickly to the targeted alphabet easily. There are two keyboards writers occasionally use. One is the membrane keyboard and another is mechanical. The membrane keyboard is ideal for writers who like a soft, rubber underlay that provides little tactile feedback with each keystroke, whereas the mechanical keyboard is ideal for authors who prefer to strike firm buttons.

Battery Life

Laptops for writers do need long battery life because at most the writers write for hours when writing a novel or anything that is spontaneous. So, if a laptop hasn’t a good battery life it may be disrupted in the middle that is difficult to revive when a gap comes. So, if you are a writer and looking for a laptop, go for a system that has enough battery life that can support you for hours.


As we have discussed above, spontaneous writers write for hours. It becomes difficult to write by staying in one position. So, it is required that your laptop is portable enough that is fit to use in any angle. If you felt uncomfortable in one position, you can change to another without disrupting your writing flow.

Now, we will move on to our Top 5 picks of the best laptops for writers available in the market right now!

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Best Laptops for Writers

  1. Asus Chromebook Flip – Premium Edition for Writers
  2. Google Pixelbook Go – Best Overall
  3. Microsoft Surface 3 – Best Microsoft Surface Laptop
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Best Touchscreen Laptop with Pen Input
  5. Acer Chromebook R11 – Best Chromebook for the Price


Best Laptops for Writers

Product Reviews & FAQs

1. Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip


The Asus Chromebook Flip is a good-looking Chromebook. Being a writer will suit the aesthetic of being a classy writer who writes very interesting blog posts or stories. Other than the cosmetics, the Asus Chromebook Flip as the name suggests is a 2-in-1 laptop that can be flipped around to either make it a laptop or a touchscreen tablet. For typing, it has a stunning keyboard that has great travel and satisfying feedback which makes typing a smooth ride on this laptop. It does provide a good option for writers who want a fun, stylish, and practical laptop for writing.


Responsive tactile keyboard.
Efficient tablet mode.
Beautiful and crisp screen.


The touchpad has a little issue.

2. Google Pixelbook Go

Google Pixelbook Go


Google Pixelbook Go might be the best Chromebook for writers. It is built beautifully with a very lightweight design making it perfect to take it outside to the park to write your thoughts. It has an amazing keyboard that is satisfying and precise and doesn’t make many clicky noises while typing making it perfect to even type when your roommates are having a solid nap. Furthermore, being manufactured by Google directly you will also surely get the best ChromeOS experience on this Google Chromebook Go.


Great keyboard for writing.
Splendid battery life.
Solid lightweight build.
Instant Tethering, on Pixelbook Go for LTE connection.


A little pricey.

3. Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3


One of the best laptops overall, this is a great investment if you are a writer. The Microsoft Surface 3 is a great laptop with powerful processor options and a great beautiful screen. The keyboard on this laptop is also great for typing with zero error and maximum preciseness. Microsft sure does know how to make a good laptop, and being the developer of Windows OS you will surely get a great Windows experience on this laptop with good writing sessions.


Good tactile keyboard.
Superb Battery life.
Great lightweight design.


Not very affordable.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7


The Microsoft Surface 7 is an amazing 2-in-1 laptop. It is great for writers who want a laptop with a robust OS that can run some very powerful word processing software while also being extremely easy to carry. It comes with a detachable keyboard which surprisingly provides a great typing experience too. It has great performance and its stunning screen is great to look at even for a long time.


An affordable price for a premium design laptop.
Great 2-in-1 laptop.
Amazing keyboard.


Not great battery.

5. Acer Chromebook R11

Acer Chromebook R11


Acer has consistently provided some great Chromebooks over the past. The Acer Chromebook R11 is a great Chromebook for writers that comes at an affordable price. It is most certainly the best cheap laptop for writing. Anyone who wants to have a good writing laptop but can’t spend a fortune. It looks like a mini Chromebook Flip. However, it does provide great functionality and a decent keyboard to help you write efficiently without any problems.


Premium design laptop.
Great CPU performance.
Affordable price.
Good keyboard for the price.


The trackpad is not good.


1. What is the best Apple laptop for writers?

For laptops, Apple is specifically known for its two offerings, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Every year they update their laptops with the latest SoCs that provide great performance speeds for their users. The MacBook Pro is targeted at the users who want to have a more robust computer that runs heavily on graphics processing and compilations. However, for writers, a MacBook Air is well suited. It is the best Apple for writers that has a lightweight body, has an elegant design, is powered by Apple’s proprietary MacOS, and has a comfortable and amazing Magic keyboard that makes typing a surreal experience.

An Apple MacBook Air provides a perfect blend of performance and comfort that provides writers with a great writing experience. Typing for long extensive hours can be hectic and tiring and having a laptop that has an annoying and less responsive keyboard can make the experience more tiresome. The MacBook Air has a Magic keyboard which provides tactile feedback at every press and makes the typing smooth and satisfying.

Tech enthusiasts have deemed it to be the best keyboard laptop. It also has a beautiful beautiful Full HD screen that makes the viewing experience great on it. If you are fond of Apple products or just in search of a good laptop for writers then the Apple MacBook Air is a great option by Apple.

2. Is MacBook good for writers?

A MacBook first of all comes in either a Pro model or Air model. They both are different in terms of specifications and price points but they still are pretty great pieces of machinery. Now for writers, there are many different laptops by many different brands, and a MacBook is one of the most viable options for a writer. You can go for any of the Pro or Air models of the MacBook it will provide a great experience for writers. Writers primarily need a laptop that can run their favorite or most universally used word processing software. The macOS can easily run many major word processing software like MS Word and Scrivener.

Moving on, a writer’s laptop needs to have a tactile keyboard and good quality screen that makes the typing experience on the laptop easier. The MacBook by Apple provides its consumers with a Full HD screen with crisp image quality that makes the screen easy on the eyes of the viewer. It also has the Magic keyboard that contains keys with very smooth and tactile feedback making the typing experience very smooth and precise.

Both MacBook Pro and Air are laptops with the best keyboards on the market. Overall, any MacBook is a good laptop for writers, it provides a great experience for writers to write some good quality content.

3. What software do writers use?

Writers usually use a word processor to write their words and sentences and give them a proper meaning. Some writers use a laptop with Windows OS while some have laptops with macOS and others might have a laptop with ChromeOS it all boils down to just preferences and user-friendliness. All these laptops are used by writers to write content which is then utilized by the masses in form of text. There are many different word processing software used by many different writers, however, the most commonly used and acknowledged word processor in the MS Word word processing software. It is a part of Microsoft’s Office Suit which provides users with many different productivity tools.

MS Word is the most used software by writers as it has great functionality and tools which make it easier for writers to write and edit their content to their liking. It is available for almost all operating systems. It is even supported on many popular mobile operating systems too, making it a very versatile word processing software for writers.

Other than that Google Docs and Scrivener are the other two most popular word processing software too. Google Docs can be accessed on any browser as it is an internet-based application. It is also free writing software. It syncs directly with your personal Google account and can make sharing your document with different groups and starting a team project very easy.

4. Can Chromebook replace a laptop?

When Chromebooks first came into the market they were laptop-like-looking computers that had a very limited productive quality to them. They were weak had very low specifications and were very cheap-looking devices. Yes, they were cheap to buy so one can expect a cheap performance record too but this cheap price did not give them a good reputation in the market for powerful Windows and Apple laptops. However, as the times progressed and Google worked on developing its ChromeOS they have managed to make some pretty good Chromebooks that can compete with traditional laptops.

Chromebooks are technically laptops that run a not-so-popular ChromeOS. The traditional laptops running on Windows OS and macOS are strong because they have powerful processors and storage capacities. Chromebooks are also becoming strong as they are now being powered by the same powerful processors and storage capacities making them a pretty great laptop option too.

Chromebooks are no more cheap laptop toys that are only suitable for kids who want a laptop. ChromeOS has evolved over the years, bringing support for more and more applications and software while also having top-notch computing performance. The question of whether it can replace laptops is controversial because every individual has their preferences and Chromebooks have their own set of likes and dislikes too.

Chromebooks have become much more comparable to today’s traditional laptops and they are providing great functionality to their users. Whether you hate it or love it, in our opinion it is safe to say that a Chromebook is giving some serious competition to the more traditional laptops and is on the road to growing its audience in the laptop market.

What is the best laptop or device for writers?

In our opinion, the Google Pixelbook Go is most certainly the best laptop for writers.

You might wonder how can be a Chromebook be the laptop for writers but it has a great performance record thanks to super-light ChromeOS and Intel Core m processor that gives it enough juice to load up applications more smoothly. It can run both Google Docs and Microsoft Word which gives you enough word processing options.

It also has been awarded to have a very comfortable and tactile keyboard that provides a great writing experience for writers through and through. The Google Pixelbook Go is made is perfect for the writer who wants a lightweight laptop that also gives them a great writing experience, giving them the motivation to great pieces of literature.


The laptop market is extremely oversaturated. You can find hundreds of laptops by different manufacturers but only your needs can define what is the best laptop for you. Our list of the best laptops for writing is just a way for you to move through this oversaturated marketplace of laptops. The best writing laptop will have a great keyboard, good performance, and a stunning screen that makes typing for more than 8 hours a comfortable yet satisfying experience, without causing the writer to lose motivation.