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Finding the gaming tablets is NOT less than a task and if you are to find the best gaming tablets, you are presented with hundreds and thousands of gaming tablets to choose from.

Despite the pricing brackets, these gaming tablets fall under, the best gaming tablets are (and should) be designed and equipped with the latest technology to handle most of the latest games.

Because, mobile games are rich with graphics and performance to eat the battery down the battery like a worm, so only top-notch and powerful gaming tablets can bear it.

Having just an average or unknown kind’ of gaming tablet would ultimately destroy all the peace of mind that the gaming sessions are meant to inhale you with, and you will curse AND only curse your selection of picking the kinda’ of gaming tablet.

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So to avoid falling victim, you must ensure the top-rated, and high-performing gaming tablets to play seamless gaming without any hiccups.

Unlike mobile phones’ screens, gaming tablets come with bigger screens which means a wider gaming area for improved gaming control with a longer battery time to last the graphic-intensive games for hours.

Our pure criteria to pick the best gaming tablets for you

We keep it simple and to the point;

● Price-wise; the gaming tablets’ price should justify the embedded technology

● Equipped with the best technology (the required element to support the latest games)

● Screen size (the bigger it is, the good control you get to play the games with)

● Battery duration to last for the maximum time

The combination of these 4/four elements is part of a basic pool that you should look for before deciding to look out for the gaming tablets that you deserve.

Skipping the research that would cost you a lot in the damages; money-wise, and mental health associated with the wrong decision.

What you should do for yourself to get one of the best gaming tablets?

Get yourself ready before the purchase of the best gaming tablets for yourself by getting the technical reviews of the gaming tablets to ensure what sort of the latest technologies they should be equipped with.

Repeat that and you will find that to be the one best thing to evaluate how much of the budget you need to allocate to purchase one of the gaming tablets that fit closer or exceed your set expectations.

Technology costs, and so does having gaming tablets.

The good long list of the 5 best gaming tablets

Let’s quickly glance through the list of the 5 best gaming tablets to own.

This table will list not just the name but other core features and the functions those gaming tablets come with.

Best Gaming Tablets – At A Glance


Here it goes for the quick summary as to what brands you should be going to get revealed upon AND understand every single thing about these 5 best gaming tablets that what exactly makes them the best. So, buckle up and get set ready to experience the full-fledged review of the 5 best gaming tablets do NOT regret.

FIRE HD 8 Tablet
Editor’s Choice
FIRE HD 8 TABLET Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Fire OS 7 Battery life: 12 Hours

Check on Amazon

Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet
Amazon’s Choice
Lenovo Tab M8 Tablet Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.0 GHz quad-core OS: Android 9 Pie Battery life: 12 Hours

Check on Amazon

Samsung Tab A7 Lite
Samsung Tab A7 Lite Capacity: 32GB/2GB Processor: 2.3 GHz, 1.8 GHz OS: Android 11 Battery life: 12 Hours

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How We Reviewed Our Best Gaming Tablets?

1. Huawei + Harman Kardon MediaPad M3 – Best Android Gaming Tablet

Huawei + Harman Kardon MediaPad M3

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Display size: ‎8.4″ | Processor: ‎2.3 GHz | Ram: 4 GB | Storage: 32 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 8 MP | Operating System: ‎Android 6.0 Marshmallow | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 9 Hours | Weight: 11.2 Ounces. |

Now is the time to present you with something else; the Android-based gaming tablet fully loaded with the best technologies you could ever imagine.

The Android has a good market share and is a clear competitor to many. Due to its widespread popularity, and who does NOT know about Huawei; the prime smartphones-developing brand that clinches the good market share into its pocket as well.

In the series of gaming tablets, it has introduced this Huawei + Harman Kardon MediaPad M3 which indeed is great.

What all it got, let’s get to know;

Technical winnings of MediaPad M3:

● 32GBs of good storage capacity to take on many of your favorite games.

● 8.5 inches long screen is not just it but it comes with many ingredients that deliver you the 2K ultra-high display experience with 2560 x 1600 IPs pixels along with the contrast ratio of 1,500:1, tilt for the games and see its magic!

● Loaded with a high-class silicon octa-core process to not let you experience slowness.

● Installed with Android version 6.0 (the Marshmallow one) coupled with the UI 4.1 of Huawei Emotion to not feel ordinary.

Why MediaPad M3 should be your gaming tablet?

The reasons for liking MediaPad M3 could be none. So, start with the latter part. And that it’s HiFi audio along with being related to the Android family with excellent screen functions fitted inside to completely change your gaming experience.

The screen is the winner here, and the price too.

What We Like

Good long 8.4 inches screen!

Ultra-high 2K display achieved by 2560 x 1600 resolution size for the enhanced clarity

Octa-core processor with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) installed

Thick and lightweight; the design is simple yet portable to carry along

Access to countless games’ inventory through the Google Play Store

The battery lasts up to 9 hours

What We Don’t Like

Installed with not an outdated but an old Android OS version

32GBs of space may let you decide in the future what to keep and what to leave if you are active and an avid gamer

Bottom Line:

For the simple and effective gaming experience, this Huawei + Harman Kardon MediaPad M3 wins the spot keeping the price range in the focus.

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2. Dragon Touch K10 – Best Low-Cost Gaming Tablet

Dragon Touch K10

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Display size: 10″ | Processor: ‎1.3 GHz | Ram: 2 GB | Storage: 32 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 2 MP | Operating System: ‎Android 9.0 Pie | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: ‎‎1.92 Pounds |

Another latest-tech-rich but simple-looking Android gaming tablet comes from Dragon Touch, naming it to be K10.

As it looks simple by the look, the inside story is different than what it shows.

This inexpensive Android gaming tablet is a pretty hardcore gaming tablet to extinguish the fire of your gaming needs through its powerful build. Make yourself not surprised and underestimate due to the inexpensive price tag but the functionalities wise, it is not less than any other gaming tablet from the high-league. So, get set ready to find out what it got under the cover;

The Hidden Technicalities Of Dragon Touch K10 Gaming Tablet:

● Belongs to the screen size of 10.1 inches to be precise that further brings the 1280 x 800 display resolution loaded with HD IPS to make the view stay larger and clear.

● 178 degrees of viewing angle is the added functionality Dragon Touch K10 got.

● Comes with Android 8.1 version of Orco along Quad-Core processors of 1.35 GHz to power up the system.

● 16GB of internal space to go with your favorite games.

Why have Dragon Touch K10?

Price! Price plus the powerful technicalities it got hidden. These two aspects are enough to let your mind and heart to decide why should you own Dragon Touch K10.

What We Like

Installed with about-latest Android version of 8.1 Oreo

The good screen size of 10.1 inches

Totally inexpensive which makes it one best gaming tablets out there on the market

Expendable battery to take your storage capacity to up to 128GBs

What We Don’t Like

Equipped with the processor of Quad-Core 1.35Ghz may not make you multitask as effectively (you do not need that for playing games, do you?)

Bottom Line:

We see the clear winner due to the price range that possesses the power to dominate over everything Dragon Touch K10 comes with.

But that is not right. Of course, the price tag is more weightful than anything but with the technicalities of this Dragon Touch K10 gaming tablet (despite being under-sized in storage), they agree with your buying sense to own this gaming tablet immediately.

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3. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD – Best Smart Alexa Gaming Tablet

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD

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Display size: 10.1″ | Processor: ‎2 GHz | Ram: 2 GB | Storage: 16 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 2 MP | Operating System: ‎Android 8.1 Oreo | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 8 Hours | Weight: ‎‎‎1 Pounds |

Enabled with Alexa-feature to follow your voice command to do various tasks, this Lenovo Smart Tab M10 definitely falls under the category of the best gaming tablet you can have.

And is loaded with a powerful processor of 2.0 GHz, you can just imagine the responsiveness this tablet could bring with the combination of 2GB RAM; that is more than enough to play up the powerful and CPU-extensive games.

What all it got, find out the detailed overview of this Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD;

Technicalities it got:

● Pretty wide screen of 10.1 inches and is loaded with an HD display for awesome in-game graphics.

● Quad-core processors of 2.0 GHz from the Qualcomm family, experience no slowness even if you are beating your gaming laptop with heavy games as the load will be handled through 2GBs of RAM.

● It comes with 16GBs ROM as the internal memory that can pretty much be extended to up to 256GBs through the micro SD card.

● Dock with the charging dock that comes with the package and operates the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD gaming tablet with your voice, thanks to its built-in Alexa that proves it to become the real smart tab.

● Installed dual speakers on the front from Dolby Atmos for achieving the surround sound system.

● Weights are just lightweight but are pretty loaded with the world’s renowned mobile OS, Android version 8.1 Oreo.

Why opt for Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD?

Again, the reason to have Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD is simple… Price. And the bundle of features it is equipped with that gives the tough time to many contenders found in the gaming tablet market

What We Like

Installed with Android Oreo 8.1

2.0 GHz quad-core processors and 2GB RAM that enable you to play the games uninterruptedly

The battery lasts for a minimum of 8 hours

The built-in Alexa system operates via voice

10.1 inches wide HD-rich display

Pretty powerful speakers are engineered with Dolby Atmos surround sound

Expandable memory to fit in any size of the micro-SD card

What We Don’t Like

Has limited internal memory of 16GB

Bottom Line:

The price tag wins here, And of course, it does because the integrated features are hard to find at such a price that is more than affordable for many to play the most mid-sized games without thinking of switching to other ones as it has the power to bear most of the load those games are meant to occupy out of the gaming tablets.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A – Best Budget Gaming Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Display size: 10.1″ | Processor: ‎1.8 GHz | Ram: 3 GB | Storage: 128 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 2 MP | Operating System: ‎Android 9 Pie | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 10 Hours | Weight: 1.03 lbs. |

Samsung is best known for its Galaxy series, and we have the privilege to introduce you to one of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A that indeed is the best choice amongst the people with knowledge and interest in having the tablet just for gaming.

This Galaxy A tablet from Samsung has a wider screen with internal memory to get going with many great games.

Now, let’s reveal all of the technicalities of the Samsung Galaxy A tablet;

Technical specifications:

● This only Wi-Fi tablet in black color from Samsung comes with a big screen of up to 10.1 inches and 1920 x 1200 resolution, installed with a display panel of full HD from corner to corner with the minimum bezel to watch without any glare.

● Loaded with Dolby Atmos sound system to feel like hearing the sound sitting in a theater.

● Being compatible to hook up the keyboard and the powerful battery to last for up to 10 hours even with intensive usage. ● It comes with built-in internal memory of 128GBs which can easily be expanded up to 512GBs by inserting a microSD card anytime.

Why go with Samsung Galaxy Tab A?

Looking for something very competitive and popular in the market, Samsung definitely wins the race.

And this Samsung Galaxy Tab A has the most-loved features that you really expect for playing the games with choosing maximum graphic settings and experiencing no lag.

What We Like

Has the built-in memory of 128GBs to be able to expand to 512GBs with a microSD card

Black colored with 10.1 inches full HD display

A popular gaming tablet in Samsung’s Galaxy series

Play the game for up to 10 hours with its binge-worthy battery

What We Don’t Like

Only has the WiFi function to browse the internet

Bottom Line:

You cannot beat the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, not with its price and not through the bundle of features. They are simply unbeatable due to being part of Samsung’s Galaxy!

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5. Google Pixel Slate – Best Gaming Tablet with 8GB RAM

Google Pixel Slate

Check on Amazon

Display size: 12.3″ | Processor: ‎3.4 GHz | Ram: 8 GB | Storage: 64 GB | Camera Rear & Front: 8 MP & 2 MP | Operating System: ‎Chrome OS | Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth: Yes | Battery life: Up to 10 Hours | Weight: 1.59 lbs. |

Powerful games require the most powerful gaming tablet and we can expect the high-end powerfulness which Google Pixel Slate brings to the market.

Loaded with the best technologies to use anywhere you go, this Google Pixel Slate has the strong power to run high-end games without interruption.

From graphics to hardware, it is no less than a brilliant piece of the tablet that you cannot be proud of having.

Technical Features:

● Powered by the powerful 8th generation of Intel Core m3 processor to feel no lag during gaming sessions that to any kind of game you can think of.

● 8GB RAM ensures the games are operated without any delay and are opened within the blink’s time, and 64GBs of SSD storage do not let you delete anything off the Google Pixel Slate and every data is accessed swiftly.

● 10 hours of playtime after one single and full charge.

● It comes with 12.3 inch of screen size with a molecular display that features up to 6 million pixels to see through realistic scenes.

● Loaded with ports of two USB, audio, and 4K display output.

What makes to pick Google Pixel Slate?

Google is the name that everyone trusts, and so is the Google Pixel Slate. Not only that it belongs to Google itself, but it really has the features of a full-fledged laptop.

From the crispy and crunchy graphics to the hardware that is hard to find and loaded under the tablet, Google Pixel Slate clinches its importance to become one powerful gaming tablet that you can own.

What We Like

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12.3 inches of screen with the molecular display feature

8GB RAM with 64GBs of internal memory

Goes for up to 10 hours

Different ports for USB, audio, and 4K display for enhanced connectivity

What We Don’t Like

Little expensive

Bottom Line:

Despite the price it sits over, the Google Pixel Slate is more than just a gaming tablet. Any game that you can think about the name, it can seamlessly install and play without facing any issues. And that made possible due to the robust installed hardware.



Best Gaming Tablets In 2023



Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much RAM does a tablet need for gaming?

While more complex games may require up to a gigabit of RAM, simple programs and games will only take a few hundred megabytes. Up to 1.5GB of RAM can be used for the most demanding games. With 4GB of RAM, the OS, a number of medium-sized games, and other software may coexist peacefully.

2. Can you add RAM to a tablet?

Therefore, no amount of rooting and swap file management will make your Android’s RAM larger. You are required to a new phone instead. Use a checking software to quickly determine whether you can manually boost Android RAM. MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check is an excellent illustration.

3. how can I use an SD card as ram in Android?

Insert your SD card into your PC’s external SD card reader. Format the SD card using the Mini Program Partition Wizard (or another partitioning tool of your choice). Create a Primary partition on your SD card using the FAT32 file system, but leave roughly 1GB of space free.

4. Is 1.5 GB RAM enough for a tablet?

It depends upon the number of applications you want to run at a time. 1.5 GB should be sufficient if you just want to use one app at once. Two gigs are ideal if you want to perform more than five tasks simultaneously. This is for users of social networking applications, which, based on my assumptions, includes, online browsing.

5. Which is better 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM?

6 GB is the perfect speed in my opinion. Consider upgrading to 8 GB if you can do so for a few extra dollars. You will have roughly 4.5GB of memory accessible with 6GB RAM. A maximum of 2 GB of RAM may be required if you must run 5 to 6 active tabs simultaneously. Therefore, 6 GB is more than plenty from that standpoint. Additionally, there won’t be any problems if you simultaneously operate a few social networking applications and play up to two demanding games.

The Conclusion Of The Best Gaming Tablet

Now as we are officially signing off from coming up with the best gaming tablets covered for you (and yes, we got 5 of the best ones!)…

These 5 of the best gaming tablets are classed from different angles and scopes; from budget to specs to everything the gaming tablets should come loaded with.

Check out each one of them to ensure to evaluate to get the right one for yourself and change your gaming experience for good!

The gaming tablets can be used anywhere you go, and anywhere you are. So, that is indeed the plus point of having the gaming tablet in your possession.