About Us

About Us

2ktabs is a website that deals in news, reviews, and buying guides of tablet devices. Our website is created and managed by certified IT professionals who have taken up the task of probing the market and carrying out thorough research to write detailed and reliable reviews for our readers.

We take into account the demands of our followers and create content that best caters to their needs.

We have created buying guides for tablets of various brands, specifications, and price ranges.

Our Process of Making Tablet Buying Guides

Our reviews are based on research and market experience. We visit different production websites to draw a careful analysis of the product quality. While testing a tablet for review and recommendation, we take into consideration its display size, processor strength, storage capacity, battery life, audio, and video quality, and durability.

We make sure that we choose products that have advanced hardware and software specifications and are a good investment for our readers. To ensure that our reviews are genuine and not biased, each product in our reviews has its pros and cons listed alongside.

If need be, we even go as far as actually buying several products and testing them first-hand so that a genuine review could be written. The best thing about our reviews is the simple language, precision, and detail of the content, which is ideal even for a layman.

Our Aim

The idea behind this website is to make tablet buying a hassle-free experience for our followers.

We aim to collect all the information required by our followers to analyze a tablet against their needs and publish it on our platform. This will enable our followers to compare the features, specifications, and prices of different tablets in one place instead of gathering information from multiple unreliable sources.